Big Show in Roseville June 12th

I’m excited to announce that as part of this summer’s Roseville Tuesday Nights street fair schedule, it’ll be “Ukulele Rob Meets Red’s Blues,” 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. Tuesday evening June 12th, on the stage out front of The Strum Shop, 209 Vernon Street in Roseville. The headliner that night will be the great Pablo Cruise, but leading up, I’ll be accompanied by the wonderful Beth and RW Grigsby from “Red’s Blues,” along with longtime musical companions Dean Chance on percussion, and John Wilusz on harmonica, guitar and vocals.  And the best part: It’s all FREE.  Check out for details.

Back to the Cabaret!

Hi everyone! The Green Valley Theatre Company’s VerteFe’e Cabaret is back for another great show.  While our new theater in West Sacramento is being built out, our next production, “The VerteFe’e Cabaret Goes to the Big City,” will play at West Sacramento’s Burgers & Brew, Friday and Saturday nights, June 8 and 9.  Tickets available soon at  It’s going to be another fun one (tho’ rumor has it that the story line requires that yours truly gets shot by mobsters after trying to heist their money), with many of your favorite Green Valley performers singing and dancing their way into your hearts.

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone!  Looks as if I let this blog sit in the deep freeze for quite a while.  Hoping that 2018 is a year that I bring it back to life, with a lot more regularity.

2017’s highlights included performances with the VerteFe’e Cabaret at Green Valley Theatre; a week in Clarksdale Mississippi at Jon Gindick’s Harmonica Jam Camp; and various solo and group performances around town.  (Including Bob Herron’s annual 1920’s-themed New Year’s Eve party, held this year at Green Valley.  (Thanks to Mark Chu-Lin for the great photo, above.)

Another highlight of the year was being invited to join a 20-voice choral group, the “Celebration Singers,” at St. John’s Lutheran Church here in Sacramento.  We sing at various services from time to time, and I’ll try to get word out ahead of time each time we will be contributing to the worship service.  All are welcome at St. John’s, and “all” truly means ALL.  Even if your religious or spiritual background isn’t Protestant Christian, our Director somehow magically gets sounds out of us that will take your heart to that place where earthly words can’t describe.  (In other words, even if the prayers and preaching don’t inspire you, you’re more than welcome to come for the music and stay for the coffee and cookies.)

2017 also marked my taking up one more new instrument:  The four-string plectrum banjo.  I’ve always loved the instrument, and for the inspiration to take it up have to thank folks like VerteFe’e Cabaret bandmate Dean Chance (bass and guitar, who one night at the theatre pointed to my banjo uke and inquired “why don’t you get one of those REAL jazz banjos?”) and my friend and touring banjo ace Katie Cavera of Los Angeles.  I’ve  been taking lessons from Sacramento-based Bill Dendle, one of the nation’s top jazz banjo performers.  The best thing about being a beginner on an instrument is that — at least in the beginning — progress is really obvious.  As from “awful” to “not really THAT awful” in a matter of only months.

So what’s ahead for 2018?  At Green Valley we’re all excited about getting into the new and larger (and better-wired and better-plumbed) new facility in West Sacramento.  Watch this page for updates.  I’m already signed up for the 10th Annual Reno Ukulele Festival, and hope I get a chance to perform there once again on the Marketplace Stage.  (The first of what is now the Reno Fest, then called the Tahoe Area Ukulele Festival, and held in Minden Nevada, was my very first ukulele festival, and was the start of a whole lot of wonderful things.)  More learning on the harmonica and plectrum banjo (including some workshops I’ve signed up for at Dave Barrett’s School of the Blues in San Jose).  And more fun singing and playing uke.

Hope 2018 gets off to a great start for all of you!

We have news!

It’s been a long, long time since I posted something on this blog.  It seems that I do a lot more music and theater business on Facebook these days, so I hope those of you who regularly check this website are also Facebook Friends and are up-to-date on my doings.  If not, some highlights:

It has been a great privilege from time to time to appear in the Green Valley Theatre’s VerteFe’e Cabaret shows with the amazingly talented Ariel Ryan & Victoria Timoteo, those “All Wear Bowlers” folks.  Now they’ve got their own show at Green Valley!  “Kitty, Circle, and the Cirque d’Illusion,” opening this coming Saturday night, July 1st.  Running only through July 23rd, so you’ll want to get your tickets early at  This is going to be an amazing show.  Hope to see you there.

And speaking of the Cabaret, the next one will be Friday and Saturday nights July 28 and 29.  This time, the VerteFe’e Cabaret “Hits The Open Road.”  Look for tickets soon, again at, as these shows have a habit of selling out completely.  As of this writing, it’s not known whether or not Ukulele Rob will be part of the show (pending calendar issues), but most of your VerteFe’e Cabaret favorites will be there, so don’t miss out.

And finally, being a tad behind schedule maintaining this blog, I missed this year’s observation of the birthdate of Cliff “Ukulele Ike” Edwards.  Born June 14, 1895 in Hannibal MO.  Happy birthday Ike!


Calling all Blue Devils, Class of 1967


Did you graduate from Davis (California) Senior High School in 1967?  Our 50-year reunion is coming up, Saturday, October 7, 2017.  If you’re interested, post a comment and I’ll make sure you find our Reunion Facebook Group page!

It’s Been a While!

But it isn’t as though nothing’s been going on.  Lots of traveling, including the final two games of the Dodgers’ home season, with plenty of tributes to Vin Scully as he retired after 67 seasons (!).  (Hope he enjoys his retirement as much I’ve been enjoying mine.)

The next time the Green Valley Theatre presents one of its VerteFe’e Cabaret Shows, we may be in a new venue!  Watch this page (or for updates.  Word has it that the crew will be going “Back to Sea.”  Maybe I’ll do this great number from 1914: