Random afternoon thoughts

We recently welcomed a new addition to the family.  So this seemed appropriate:


(Thanks to the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz)

In other news, today is Administrative Assistants Day.  Here’s a photo from the party we had at lunch time honoring our support staff:


Finally, thanks for all of the reader comments, although a few are a bit hard to fathom.  As in this recent one, “The style that you write make [?] it truly simple to read. And the theme you use, wow. It really is a really decent combination. And I am wondering whats the name of the template you use?”

Well, whoever you are, dear reader:  I don’t use a template.  I use two parts of gin, a half part of Lillet wine, a dash of bitters, a lemon peel, and a chilled glass.  Oh, and I’m not sure why your comment included a hyperlink to a site that sells phony fashion-branded handbags.  Unless you think one would be handy for carrying extra sets of strings, a tuner, etc.


Reno VI Here We Come!


RenoAnimStarting just a week from tonight, the Sixth Annual Reno Ukulele Festival, at John Ascuaga’s Nuggest Casino Resort in Sparks NV.  A few workshop passes, concert tickets and hotel rooms are left (go to www.playuke.net), but don’t delay.

But even if you delay, you can still come and have a good time.  On Saturday the 26th from 11:00 to noon I’ll be hosting a fun show/workshop/sing-along, “Ukulele Rob is Perfectly Frank … and So Can You!”  I’ll be on the Festival Stage in the public area (which will include a great vendor area for uke and guitar enthusiasts), where no tickets or workshop passes will be required.  In other words, come one and all, for FREE.  Whether you’re attending the Uke Fest or not.  And even if you don’t play an instrument you’ll want to sit in and sing along with some songs that Frank Sinatra turned into hits (I’ll have printed lyric sheets for all the tunes).  Or just listen.  I’ll be joined for some of the tunes by the very talented vocalist Char Mayer.  And before the show’s over, all of the uke players in the audience will be learning some pretty fancy (but not difficult) chords to use for two Great American Songbook classics, “It’s Only a Paper Moon” and “Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams.”

Hope to see you there.

Harmonica Americana!


I’ve previously mentioned the great Lil’ Rev on this site.  Now he’s undertaking a crowdfunded double CD project, to feature one of the few “people’s” musical instruments that’s smaller and cuter than the uke:  the harmonica!  Lil’ Rev’s a genius on the instrument.  Get in early with a pledge at http://www.gofundme.com/82nuts and get cool stuff when the CD’s ready.

Coming up very soon:  More about the Sixth Annual Reno Ukulele Festival (I’ll be there doing a FREE public workshop on Saturday the 26th) and Sacramento-area appearances by Victoria Vox (www.victoriavox.com) and Kiki Ebsen (www.kikiebsen.com).

Lots of excitement!!

Wonderful Blues & Ukulele on CD

Lemon Nash

My copy of this wonderful CD of blues singer, uke player and patent medicine show performer Papa Lemon Nash arrived just three days after I ordered it (from www.fleamarketmusic.com).  Nash was born in 1898 and spent most of his life in New Orleans, literally living the history of jazz and blues in that city.  Great tunes and great stories that we’re all fortunate to have had recorded before Nash died, in 1969.  (Among my favorites, a wonderful version of “Stagger Lee,” and a blues version of “Sunday,” a hot jazz song from the 20s first popularized by Ukulele Ike, naturally re-named by Nash as “I’m Blue Every Monday.”)

Great Show This Past Weekend!


It was an honor (and a ton of fun!) for Ukulele Rob to be part of the Green Valley Theatre’s VerteFée Cabaret this past weekend.  There’s a ton of talent here in Sacramento, starting with producer-director Christopher Cook and M.C. Brent Randolph (above, l-r), together with some amazing dancers, singers and actors.  I’ll be looking to post some photos soon, and the next Cabaret will be at the end of May.  In the meantime check out www.greenvalleytheatre.com .

Come to the Cabaret!


This coming Friday and Saturday night, featuring Lindsay Grimes (previously as Sally Bowles in the company’s production of “Cabaret,” and more recently as “Kate” in the company’s great “The Wild Party.”

Tickets available at www.greenvalleytheatre.com

And by the way, in the 1920s “ukulele” was often spelled (or mis-spelled) “ukelele.”  So the spelling for me on the bill is just another way of helping me bring everyone in the audience back to the wild 1920s in Weimar Germany.

Lots of great music, outragious fun, and more!  Hope to see you there.