Random afternoon thoughts


It’s a warm Friday afternoon.  Not much going on at the office.  If I grabbed one of my ukuleles and jumped in the car right now I could be out on the coast before sunset.  What a beautiful thought.

OK.  Back to work.

Reno VI is now history

I’ll get caught up soon, but in the meantime last weekend’s Sixth Annual Reno Uke Festival was fantastic.  Biggest and best yet.

Among the revelations of the weekend were two members of Grammy-winner Daniel Ho’s ensemble, drummer/percussionist Brad Ranola, and singer and Hawaiian dancer Nani Edgar.  Both are fantastic artists, but here’s the really cool part:  Both are affiliated with a neat little store in Ventura, CA, “Anacapa Ukulele,” in business for only the past few years, but spreading the ukulele word like wildfire in the area I grew up in.  While in Southern California on business right after the Festival I had a chance to drop by and chat with Brad, whose music experience runs very deep in all sorts of genres, including Latin jazz, Hawaiian, trad jazz, and you-name-it.

If you’re in the Ventura area, don’t miss a trip to Anacapa Ukuleles.  Website at www.anacapaukulele.com .