‘Bout time to update y’all

It’s been a while.  Just got back from a trip to Disney’s California Adventure:

12642717_219229138420191_6903949621394194579_nAs in … finally made it to Hollywood!

Before that it was a week at Jon Gindick’s Ventura CA Harmonica Jam Camp.  An absolute blast!

12669477_10153845791060097_2352691593936361311_nWith all the travel I missed out on participating in the most recent Green Valley Theatre VerteFée Cabaret, “Guide to Vice,” but got to sit in on dress rehearsal.  What an amazing show.  And both nights were SOLD OUT!


Coming up starting this weekend at GVT, the amazing show “The Last 5 Years.”  Tickets available now at www.greenvalleytheatre.com.


As you know, the folks at Mya-Moe Ukuleles make some wonderful instruments.  I have one in the oven right now, coming my way sometime later this month.  Can’t wait.


That’s about it for now.  Keep an eye out for our next VerteFée Cabaret.  Until then, happy uke-in’ to all!