60 years of ukulele!  Of late, Ukulele Rob’s been carrying great tunes around Northern California and Nevada.  Keep an eye out at open mics, festivals, cabaret shows, and anywhere a uke and a few Tin Pan Alley songs may show up!

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  1. Wife just got me a uke for Christmas. Guitar has been broken for months.. So happy to have an instrument back.. Love this song to death .. not too difficult but still a challenge on the down down up up down riff.. thanks alot though!

    King: You got it! Thanks for checking in. No better spouse than one who buys the other a uke or two! And even after you get your guitar fixed, it’ll gather dust. Ukes are just too much fun. -Ukulele Rob

    • Oops. Just picked up your Comment. I’d assumed they were an attendee’s amateur pix with fair use ability. With apologies, I’ve edited the post to remove the photos. This is a completely non-commercial blog, so no profit was derived from your photos. But given that they’re your shots, that means you were there too! Very very cool. Hope that the past decades have been as much fun for you as for me.

  2. Rob, you should make an effort to hook up with “banjo mike” aka Mike O’Brien (michaelobrien8242@comcast.net) who also is pretty good with his tin whistle. Just saw him yesterday and he “retired” from his post retirement job helping teach kids up in Grass Valley robotics, so looks like he could use some “fun” back in his life.

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