The documentary “Under the Boardwalk” really is “a ukulele love story.”  Info at  The World Famous Torch Club, Sacramento’s iconic blues bar.  Home of the Reno Uke Fest, and tons of other great ukulele activities.  The original ukulele emporium!  Ukes, music, accessories, chat, etc.  Char & Gordon Mayer and Aaron Keim, makers of some of the best ukuleles on the planet.  Mike DaSilva, maker of some more best ukuleles on the planet.  David and Diana Iriguchi, makers of ukuleles that are not only great instruments, but stunning works of art as well.  America’s premier ukulele songwriter and entertainer.  Check out her Instagram photos every day!  Dominic “Dominator” Pieranunzio.  Great performer, uke maker, and tablature publisher.  Home of Mr. Ukulele Enthusiasm Jim D’Ville.  Great tips, lessons, and his informative “three questions” video interviews with ukulele performers, makers, and shakers. Did you know that the ukulele is a rhythm instrument, too?  For a couple of years I was privileged to be able to take African drumming and dance lessons from Santa Barbara-based Budhi Harlow and Lisa Beck, and I know that the experience contributed a lot to my music.  Check them out, and if you live in the area, dive in!  And if not, at least sign up for Lisa’s great newsletter.  Ian Whitcomb, musician, historian, writer, songwriter and all-around musical treasure, who put the uke on the map before Tiny Tim, with his rendition of the Tin Pan Alley classic “Where did Robinson Crusoe Go (with Friday on Saturday Night)?” Listen live via the internet, or download podcasts.  Home of “The Ian Whitcomb Show,” and Jonpaul Balak’s “Fiberglass Jungle” for all of you surf music fans. In Roseville, CA.  Worth a few days’ drive for all of your stringed instrument needs. One of America’s premier stringed instrument stores.  Get on the email list for vintage ukes as they come in. In Palo Alto, CA.  Do you have a vintage Martin in need of expert repair?  Frank Ford is America’s expert when it comes to guitar and uke restoration. Great jazz vocalist in Sacramento, CA. Great jazz vocalist in Ventura, CA. Probably the best ukulele value on the market today (if you can actually choose just one from Kala’s amazingly broad line-up). The “King of the Ukulele” from Vancouver, Canada.  Sign up for Ralph’s free Ukulele Entertainer e-Newsletter.  The place to go in Southern California, and the host of the original “Legends of Ukulele” back in 1998.  Home of one of America’s greatest entertainers and story-tellers, Marc “Lil’ Rev” Revenson.  Home of the Sacramento Blues Society.  The ukulele’s great for blues — both playing ’em and curing ’em!  More than just great traditional and contemporary art.  Music, education, and fun!