60 Years of Ukulele!


After my Mom died in 2014, one of our daughters found this great photo in one of Mom’s scrapbooks.  It was taken in June 1956 at our rural home in Southern California.  I’m playing a “Mauna Loa,” made in the USA by B.W. Molded Plastics, of Pasadena.  I fondly remember the uke, and that it was given to me by our wonderful Aunt Nini (who died in 2013).  It’s likely that I’d received it as a gift for my 7th birthday, just a few weeks before.  Within a few years I’d switched to a Sears-Roebuck Harmony acoustic guitar and also taken up the cello, later adding electric jazz and rock guitar, bass, and other instruments.  It wasn’t until 2007 that I returned to the ukulele as a primary instrument (and by then, sadly, the Mauna Loa was long gone – but hey, I now have one of Kala’s cool “Waterman” plastic ukes!).  With this photo as evidence, in in particular confirmation that even at age 7 I was paying attention to the importance of costuming as part of musical performance, I can honestly say that 2016 is indeed the 60th Anniversary of Ukulele Rob!