Come Out and Join Me on March 12th

Gig Card

I’ve mentioned the weekly Acoustic Open Mic at The Torch Club (, 15th Street between I and J in Sacramento, across from Memorial Auditorium).  Hosted by Sandra Dolores (, it’s a MidTown Sacramento institution.

The set-up is like many open mics.  Show up early, sign up for a slot, and be ready to do your thing.  Most Wednesdays it’s two songs or ten minutes, whichever is shorter.  But also most Wednesdays, Sandra sets aside the 7:00-7:30 slot for a “Feature Performer,” so that the performer can stretch out a little bit, and put on more of a show.  There’s no actual audition for the feature slot.  So long as you’re someone who’s shown up before and have met Sandra (so that she knows you’ll actually be there the night you’re scheduled), you just sign up ahead with her for an available date.

I do the feature 3-4 times a year, either alone, or with other musicians.  Wednesday night March 12th I’ll be back with the Ukulele Rob Trio (with two fun musicians who’ve done this with me before, Dean Chance on the bass, and John Wilusz on the chromatic harmonica).  We’ll be doing some songs popularized by Frank Sinatra that we didn’t do when we saluted Frank as the feature this past December.

Please come on down and take a listen.  Better yet, pick up your guitar, banjo, ukulele, or whatever (or polish up a comedy routine you do) and come to the Torch Club a bit before 5:30 and sign up for one of the regular slots.  It’s a wonderfully supportive audience of other musicians and bar patrons.

(Because the Torch Club doesn’t have a kitchen — it’s a bar only — it’s an over-21-only venue.  But if you’re hungry, there are fun restaurants on each side of the Torch Club where you can order something, and have it brought over to you at the Torch.)

See you there!  (And be sure to tip your bartender.)