Election News!

First off, don’t forget to elect to come out to The Strum Shop in Roseville CA this coming Saturday evening for our big workshop and show.  Info and tickets at www.meetup.com/StrumShopEvents/events/205464982/

In the meantime, hope you voted this past Tuesday.  Unfortunately, however, I couldn’t find any great candidates or issues in the ukulele department.  Unlike 2006, when this guy ran for Congress in the San Diego CA area, but didn’t make it:


ALAN UKE!  With a name like that, how could he have lost?

But speaking of losers, a few years ago Dr. Tan Chen Bock ran unsuccessfully for Mayor of Singapore.  His concession video (with ukulele) sets a very high standard for the usual stoic concession speeches:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=rywPgwDk9vM&

Anyway, with the 2014 election now in the history books, I’m kicking off my 2016 campaign with the slogan “Two (or more) ukuleles in every garage!”  See you at the polls.