Good-bye Donnie


I’d reported earlier that long-time Torch Club bartender Don “Donnie” Jensen had recently died.  There will be a memorial service in West Sacramento at noon this coming Friday, followed by a wake at the Torch Club.  For more information, see the Sacramento Bee story about Donnie at

When I moved to Sacramento in July 2008 one of the first places I checked out was the Torch Club, and Donnie was behind the bar to greet me as a welcome newcomer.  Over the years before he retired he regularly manned the bar during the Wednesday evening acoustic open mic, and frequently rang the bell or honked the big taxi horn for some of my numbers, particularly when I sang one or another of his favorite Frank Sinatra hits.   As the article in the Bee notes, Donnie loved all sorts of music.  When he was in charge of the juke box at the Torch Club he mixed it up between and among blues, rock ‘n roll and classic performances by Sinatra, Dean Martin, Al Martino, et al.   In retirement, he still came by frequently to support the musicians he enjoyed.

So long, Donnie.  Rest in peace, and may God bless you for all of the happiness you brought along and shared during your all-too-short time here on Earth.