Got a glass of water?

Those of you living in parts of the world where you’re coping with floods, typhoons and hurricanes may not have heard the news:  Here in California we’re in the midst of a doozy of a drought.  It’s gotten so bad that our Grizzly Bear took off for Michigan, leaving us with a new state flag:



And to whoever submitted the comment, “Great post! I have two teenaged daughters and I find the talking, arguing, and discussing of parenting this stage quite exhausting. But every so often there are glimmers of maturity, of pennies dropping, of understanding. Thanks for the reminder to distinguish between preferences and biblical morals, I think this is the biggest thing for me to learn”:  I think you’re spam.  (Your on-line name, “Cheap Nike Air Max” and your hyperlink to a site trying to sell illegal, cheap, trademark-infringing clothes were either giveaways or really bad choices on your part.)  But if you’re serious, drop me another comment.  I had two teenaged daughters at one time.  They were a delight.  They still are.

And if you want a nice hyperlink, check out  Home to Stuart Yoshida’s really fun monthly OokTown Podcast.  If you play ukulele, Hawaiian steel guitar, or just like listening to interesting talk about music, you’ll really enjoy it.