Help John Malcolm (and have fun too!)


This past December Sacramento music-scene regular John Malcolm (Cuthbertson) was badly injured when he was struck by a car.  As most folks know, medical insurance, Medicare, and other sources of help don’t come near enough to covering what it takes for someone to deal with this sort of thing and try to get his or her life back in order.  So …

This coming Sunday afternoon and evening (starting at 3:00 p.m.) there will be a big fundraising event and show at one of John’s favorite haunts, Sacramento’s iconic Torch Club (, 15th Street between I and J, across from the west side of Memorial Auditorium).  John’s a frequent contributor to the Torch Club’s Wednesday evening acoustic open mic, so of course there will be an open mic session as part of the festivities, hosted by the wonderful Sandra Dolores (

But as they say in the TV infomercials, “but wait! there’s more!”  There will also be live music, and plenty of fun auction items to bid on and take home.  A large number of local musicians, including G.P Bailey, Leigh Guest, and others, have pitched in to make this event a great one.


At 68 years old, John has a wonderful musical history, going back to performances with bands in San Francisco in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  Not only does he write a lot of his own material, but he is also a gigantic storehouse of music and stories from the “Summer of Love” era.  But that’s not all.  He’s also a huge fan of the best of Tin Pan Alley, the Great American Songbook, and the wonderful tunes from Broadway musicals.  He can literally do it all, with a great voice backed by his own guitar and harmonica playing.

John is also one of the most generous and self-effacing musicians one could ever hope to share a stage with.  When you ask John to step up on stage and perform with you, you know that he’s going to put everything into making YOU sound good.

Life throws some curveballs at everyone, and John’s been hit with a nasty one.  But this coming Sunday’s event is one where everyone else on the team can come through to help him out.  Whether you’re a Torch Club regular, or this will be your first visit, you’ll have a ton of fun, and you’ll be helping John at the same time.


Unfortunately, yours truly has a prior commitment (at the first-ever Palm Springs Ukulele Festival – keep your eyes on this blog for news); however, I’ll be contributing an interesting combination of items that you’ll definitely want to take home, so be prepared for some fierce auction bidding.

Get well soon, John!