January 8th — Ring Any Bells?

January 8th.  This year would have been Elvis’ 80th birthday.  Happy birthday, “King,” wherever you may be.

Some media outlets have run computer-aided representations of what Elvis would look like today were he still living (and assuming he hadn’t had as much plastic surgery as a few other folks, e.g., his former wife).  Interesting, but with his all-too-early death, Elvis lives as very different images in our minds.  And almost all of those images include his smile, whether smiling with friends or fans, or smiling as he enjoyed singing or playing a musical instrument … like a ukulele:


1961.  He was just 26 years old, and just a year out of the Army.  Enjoying playing a ukulele with an unidentified fellow uke-ist in the recording studio.  (If you recognize the other player, please comment.)