Kiki Ebsen’s New KickStarter Project

Singer-songwriter Kiki Ebsen’s been a favorite since I first heard her nearly ten years ago at Zoey’s Cafe in Ventura, CA.  A wonderful talent in her own right, she’s also the daughter of the great actor, song & dance star and sailboat racer Buddy Ebsen.  After decades of her own contemporary music, she’s embarked on a project to record some of HIS favorite tunes, going back to his Broadway stage experience in the 1920s and 1930s.  A lot of the funding is through Kickstarter, where you can get in early and realize your life-long dream of actually being a producer of a hit record!  Check out the info on her own website at

And if all you know about Buddy Ebsen is “The Beverly Hillbillies,” go to your local library or used book store and find in the sailing/boating section a copy of his 1972 Prentice-Hall book “Polynesian Concept.”  Ebsen’s racing of a catamaran in the TransPac revolutionized multi-hull ocean racing.  Truly a man of many talents.