Lots of Fun, Coming Right Up!


The VerteFée Cabaret gang from the Green Valley Theatre Company will be part of the entertainment this coming Thursday evening May 12th at the Crocker Art Museum’s monthly ArtMix!  We’ll be part of a big show, the theme for which is Bike Month!  If you’re a Crocker Member, admission is free.  If not, why not join and support the Crocker Art Museum?   Or simply pay the low-low-low ticket price.  Reservations at http://tickets.crockerartmuseum.org/Info.aspx?EventID=18


And then Memorial Day Weekend, May 27 & 28, the VerteFée Cabaret is back, with “How the West was Wild!”  Music, dance, burlesque, comedy, and a whole lot more.  Tickets available now at https://greenvalleytheatre.com/tickets/

From all of us buckaroos and cowgirls at the VerteFée Cabaret, here’s hoping to see you there!