Some Great Kick-*** Blues For You


Almost by accident I recently “discovered” Adam Gussow, the fabulous harmonica blower, now based in Oxford, Mississippi.  (In addition to being a blues musician, he’s a PhD and a professor of English and Southern Studies at Ole’ Miss.)

Dr. Gussow wrote a wonderful book some years ago about growing up in New York, busking on the streets in NYC, and linking up with longtime blues performer Sterling Magee, “Mr. Satan,” as a successful touring duo.  The book’s entitled “Mr. Satan’s Apprentice,” and is available in new and used versions via places like Amazon.  A really fun read, but with some serious things to say about the social aspects of being a bi-racial musical act on the streets of Harlem in the 1980s.

Aside from there being some wonderful Satan & Adam recordings out there, Dr. Gussow has a few of his own available, most recently “Roosters Happy Hour,” with guitarist Alan Gross.  Check out the two-step hopper “Southern Jump” on the album.  Available via iTunes, CD Baby, etc., and through Dr. Gussow’s harmonic website.

In addition to teaching, writing, and playing the blues, Dr. Gussow has a wonderful harmonica website at  Lessons, stories, and more.

I just love discovering new things.